Jeremy Kolins, CPA, MSA

Assistant Controller

Jeremy has over fifteen years of progressive and diverse experience in accounting, analysis, process improvement, and project management. Having worked with both small, local start-ups and large, global enterprises, he knows how to take any team to the next level. As an active CPA with a strong systems background, he is often called upon to research the requirements of GAAP and assist in their technological implementation.

Introducing and supporting efficiencies for accounting, analytics, sales, marketing, and client service departments are two of Jeremy’s favorite pastimes. In all the industries he has touched (Financial Services, Manufacturing, IT, Retail, and Food Service) he has been able to help management better understand the day-to-day operations and how they contribute to the big picture. A data manipulation expert, Jeremy has a passion to drive the optimization and automation of all processes and reporting.

Throughout his career, Jeremy has worked on projects with local and diffused teams. Whether hosting impromptu meetings around the pod or playing virtual host to Asian, European, and domestic teammates, he adapts to the team dynamic and ensures results are delivered timely.

Jeremy holds a Master’s in Accountancy and a BA in Philosophy, both from San Diego State University.

Jeremy was born in Washington D.C. but was fortunate enough to have his parents move to San Diego only two years later. Even more fortunately, they brought him with them. He had to spend some time in the Midwest to appreciate his hometown and is now quite happy to be residing here again. In his free time, Jeremy can be found bike riding, swimming, and enjoying the company of his friends and family.