Early this year, Optima Office awarded me with a scholarship to the HBA Club of San Diego Management Development Program. I’m not yet halfway through the program and already I feel that I have learned so much about nonprofit management, strategy and organizational growth. As one of the managing editors at Voice of San Diego, my day-to-day work mostly consists of working with our reporters to produce investigative stories, but I am also involved in the overall function of this organization. I’m constantly invited to provide input on company initiatives, strategy and growth. That was something I often found intimidating, but since I started this course, I have felt tremendously empowered to not just provide input but lead my own initiatives. It has been a great opportunity to learn from such talented professionals with the HBA Club of San Diego. I’ve also met some great people and feel that I am building a community with the other talented participants. That would not have been possible without the scholarship support from Optima Office. Thank you.

Andrea Lopez

Managing Editor - Voice of San Diego


I love working with Optima. What an inspiration of hope to work with a company willing to partner (truly partner), on the level of needs I am at. 

Thank you, everyone, at Optima. What a uniform culture of service you all have built, wow.

Mark Brown

President - Orange Sock


ISLE has worked with Optima’s accounting team for over a decade.  We consider Optima to be more than just a solid vendor, they are a trusted partner.  We have leaned heavily on Optima for a wide variety of needs including entry-level accounting projects, full-service general ledger management, and Fractional CFO talent.  The team always makes sure they have a clear understanding of our specific needs for every project/hire to ensure they place the perfect staff member to make sure we meet our accounting/finance objectives.  I strongly recommend Optima to anyone in need of contract accounting and financial support.

Steve Mariucci

President - ISLE


Optima Office is very responsive and really paid attention to me, making me feel as though they were an extension of my own office. I truly appreciate the friendly guidance they provide, and they have helped me accomplish goals and identify issues that I wouldn’t have seen without them.  Absolutely recommendation worthy!

James Behmke

Owner & Managing Partner - Behmke Innovation Group LLC


Honestly, out of all the clients/companies I have worked with, Optima is head and shoulders above the rest. You have the clearest, strongest values and working with Optima has been the best decision I have made in the last decade. I wasn’t actively looking to leave, but an opportunity fell into my lap which was just too exciting to pass up, I do hope our paths cross again in the future and would absolutely come back to Optima if it ever lines up that way.

Christopher Richardson

Senior Accountant


I highly recommend Optima Office. They came in and efficiently cleaned up our books, strategized with us on our goals for the coming years and have implemented a great plan moving forward to achieve all of our business goals. Look no further.

Mark Spencer



We reached out to Optima Office after our CFO retired.  I’ve been extremely satisfied with their Outsourced CFO services. From the beginning, they have tailored their services to our business and adjusted their approach to accommodate our team. Patt and Vivian are stellar. They take initiative, are detailed oriented, and watch out for us like it was their business.  I highly recommend Optima Office.

Susan Morris


Wanted to commend you, and your team – Mike and Dana each came to help me interview potential CPAs. Their attention to detail was outstanding. This is not something I’m accustomed to in previous interview type situations or professional encounters in general. Made me so much more confident in my future. And that’s not to take anything away from Katie who has been handling our cash flow very well.

Please give them each a bonus or at least a gift basket!!!

James Smith

CEO - San Diego Manufacturer of Automated Test Equipment


We have been using Optima’s services since last October and have been very pleased with both our in house bookkeeper and Optima’s overall tiered support, especially during the last few months where we have needed expert advice for the PPP funding application and forgiveness process and navigating accounting in a remote environment through COVID. I am very pleased with the level of commitment and passion from everyone we work with at Optima. It doesn’t feel as if they are a separate accounting company – it feels as if they are a part of our organization and aligned to help us reach our mission. I have zero regrets moving from an in-person bookkeeper to an outsourced accounting firm.

Tina Rose

Chief Operating Officer - Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego


I want to take an extra moment to let you know Optima has gone above and beyond to support CTD more times than I can count. Maribel, Controller on the Optima team, has demonstrated commitment to our success in ways that are usually only found in an owner or long time employee. I cannot thank her enough.

Tom D.

President & CEO - CTD (Medical Industry Company)


Michael shares with knowledge and empathy to help understand your business objectives. He offers direction, guidance and support to my internal team. I don’t know how he does it, but is always available.

I am extremely happy with Optima and the service provided. Best investment I’ve made, to date, in my business.

Ronda Jackson, CID NCIDQ

Principal and Chief Workplace Stylist - Decor Interior Design, Inc.


Katie has been the answer to our problems, and is an absolute gem. I’ve been getting to know Mike as well and he’s been wonderful to work with. I am very happy with the solution and am looking forward to things evening out over the next couple of months so that we can have a smooth process for our audit and regular monthly financial approvals. Katie has been wonderful and you should give her a big gold star!! Thank you Jennifer for meeting with me so quickly and helping us to finally find people and processes that work for us!

Eva Casey Velasquez


I wanted to thank you all for the award as Rookie Rockstar of 2022! I picked it up yesterday from the office and couldn’t wait to show my family! I am so very grateful Optima hired me almost a year ago, despite much of my previous career experience being in a different industry. I have enjoyed working for Optima this year, and I feel so lucky I was able to get back into the Accounting world through Team Optima. What a treat it is to work with several different clients, industries, and team members! It means a lot to work for a company that is genuinely caring and supportive to its employees, and I look forward to being part of the Optima Office family in 2023.

Andrea Dobbs

Senior Staff Accountant - Optima Office


Receiving the Optima Office HBS Scholarship is truly exciting! This scholarship helped Walden Family Services send me to a high-quality professional development course and network among high achieving colleagues in the non-profit world in San Diego. I am looking forward to collaborating with my peers and learning alongside amazing instructors and people and gaining much needed skills to go to the next level in my professional career. Thank you, Optima Office, for bring this much needed growth & networking opportunity to an agency like Walden Family Services and supporting me in my future development & growth.

Dr. Darjené Graham-Perez

Director of People & Culture - Walden Family Services


Optima really is a great place to work – love the support and team environment that you’ve cultivated.

Here’s to a great 2023!

Shad Butte

VP of Finance & Consulting CFO - Optima Office

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We have been very happy with our engagement with Optima (and more specifically Stacie!). She helped us get all our accounting up to date, helped redo our account structure, and is now helping us learn to do the monthly payroll accruals on our own.  Basically, Stacie has almost got us to where we can walk on our own, without help! 

Brett Musgrove

President PrimeCo


I want to say thank you for your help in the past year. We very much appreciated the help from John and Michael, they were able to straighten out some accounting issues and implement changes for the better.   Congratulations on your continued success and growth with Optima.

Roland Melzer

Vice President - A Passion For Care


Loved working with our bookkeeper, Susan Cortellessa. She is super responsive and always completed our books on time by the 10th of each month. Would definitely recommend having her on your account.

Gregg Anderson

CEO - Origin 63


You will be in great hands with Jennifer and her team! We have been working with Optima Office for over a year and are extremely pleased. Everyone we have encountered has been reliable, professional and easy to work with!

Brynn Gibbs



Thank you SO much Maribel! I truly appreciate your help, more than you’ll ever know. It is such a crazy time in the world right now with so much uncertainty but having you to talk to and helping me get through this has eased the burden some. For that I’m eternally grateful, to you, Tamara and Jennifer. Please let Jennifer know how grateful I am to Optima!

Mrs. Diana Olmeda

President & CEO - Surrogacy Alternatives


Jennifer has gone out of her way to ensure I’ve always had the right team in place and that my needs are taken care of. The expertise and advice from Jennifer and her team were crucial in getting REBL started. She truly cares about her clients and was a key person who encouraged me to go out on my own. Not only does her team handle all of my accounting needs, but Jennifer also inspires me to keep working hard. Thank you, Optima! With their help, we had an amazing first year. I know the years that follow will be prosperous. I look forward to being a client of Optima for years to come.

Reb Risty

Head REBL - REBL Marketing


We’ve been working with Bijen, Optima Office, for the last 12 months. We engaged Optima to help review our financials and to coach me on growing from a Senior Accountant to a Controller. It’s been great to have an extra set of eyes on our financial reports, and Bijen has proven extremely helpful in that regard.

When it comes to coaching, however, he’s been invaluable: his advice clearly comes from deep experience, and he is as candid, clear, and supportive as I could’ve hoped for. I’m happy to report that I was recently promoted to the position of Controller, and am sending this both as a review and as a show of appreciation for your company’s and Bijen’s help.

Thank you.

Stephen Wolf, CPA

Controller - GetKion


Thank you Jennifer. Appreciate all you, Mike and Optima Office have done to support us.

Heather Moyer

President/CEO & Founder - HNM Systems


Maribel and Tammy are great, and I’m so happy that I’ve found Optima Office! They are super responsive, supportive and patient with me. I appreciate so much being paired with them. I have much more peace of mind knowing exactly what’s going on with my money.

Kimberly Tan

Founder - skinSALVATION


I want to specially thank Shannon and Amber once more, for facilitating the most stressful situation I’ve ever had to date. You were both beyond calm, cool, and collected throughout, making me truly grateful for Optima and you both! I really have no words. And that is rare. Shannon, I pray the rest of your stay is productive and Amber, I see your productivity every day. Both of you are being used in a real and meaningful way, applying your strengths to best fit the client’s needs. Thank you.

Rebecca Robeson

CEO & Lead Designer - Robeson Design


Virtua partners uses Optima’s HR services. They provide us with guidance on payroll, market analysis, staffing, payroll costs, policies and procedures, and more. Optima is always available when we need them and they are very flexible. I would absolutely recommend Optima to any business owner that wants to focus on running their business and doesn’t have the bandwidth to manage HR and back-office duties. The Optima team is professional team of experts who help companies scale and grow. We feel Optima is a partner who really cares about our company; they put us in the forefront of their business so we can do ours.

Quinn Palomino

Co-Founder & Principal - Virtua Partners