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Outsourced Financial Controller Services San Diego

Optima has some of the best Controllers available in the market. We take careful consideration to hire only the best. Our Superstar Controllers will lead and oversee your accounting team to ensure your company’s financial stability and future success. The outsourced financial controller is responsible for a company’s financial statements, forecasting, budgeting and various special projects. They manage the team below them and ensure everyone accomplishes their respective tasks. This position is not only responsible for a company’s past and present financial situation, but they are an integral part of a company’s financial future success. Ideally every company has a Financial Controller on the team, even if just for a few hours a month.


  • Manages Bookkeepers or Staff Accountants and Accounting Managers
  • Oversees and/or submits payroll
  • Creates and reviews journal entries
  • Prepares financial statements if Accounting Manager is unable
  • Implements basic financial and accounting systems
  • Coordinating with external CPA’s on tax returns, compilations or audits
  • Implements policies and procedures. Streamlines where necessary
  • Creates and provide to management financial reports, budgets, forecasts
  • Provides cash flow forecasts and assists with cash management


Q: Can an outsourced financial controller work with my existing accounting team?

A: Our outsourced financial controllers can effectively lead and oversee your current team, ensuring that everyone accomplishes their respective tasks and operates in alignment with the company's financial goals. 

Q: How often will the outsourced financial controller be involved with my company?

A: The level of involvement can vary based on your company's needs and the duration can be customized to fit your requirements, from ongoing support to simple assistance with specific projects.

Q: Will the outsourced financial controller help with long-term financial planning?

A: Yes, the outsourced financial controller plays a vital role in a company's financial future success. They can assist with long-term financial planning by providing cash flow forecasts, helping with budgeting and forecasting, and offering strategic insights to support your business's growth and financial stability.

Q: How does Optima ensure the confidentiality and security of my company's financial information?

A: Optima takes data security and confidentiality seriously. We have robust security measures in place to protect your company's financial information. 

Q: How can I get started with Optima's outsourced financial controller services?

A: Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to our team, and we will schedule a consultation to discuss your company's needs and objectives. We will work with you to develop a customized plan and provide you with the best-fit outsourced financial controller to support your business's financial success.