The Benefits of Working with Optima Office

We assist our clients with many areas of finance, accounting, and human resources.

For Finance and Accounting Optima can help if:


  • You’ve recently lost a controller, accountant, CFO, or bookkeeper
  • Your books are not closing on time
  • You can’t see the true profitability of customers, projects, and products
  • You pay exorbitant fees to your CPA firms or auditors because of how your books are setup
  • Invoices or collections are overdue
  • Your board needs business analytics or financial reports that you find difficult to produce
  • You can’t seem to get the right information to make business decisions
  • You are concerned about fraud or theft
  • You need to prepare for a business financing or other transaction

For Human Resources Optima can help if:


  • You’ve recently lost your HR manager
  • An employee termination created a legal or PAGA issue
  • COVID-19 has put pressure on you to bring back employees safely
  • You are dealing with employee family leave or worker compensation issues for the first time
  • Your staff is spending too much time understanding and supporting ever-changing compliance and labor laws
  • You need help setting up an employee handbook, benefits or compensation plans.
The Benefits of Working with Optima

Team Approach

Our fractional approach allows us to deliver an entire team with right skills, and for the same investment that you might spend on a single dedicated staff member. We support our staff up with internal reviews and a collaborative approach so that you benefit from the widest and most relevant experience.


Personalized / Customized Solutions

Right person, right experience, right chemistry. We believe in providing staff with both

  1.  The right level of experience and skills, AND
  2. The right personality fit.

Competency, Diversity, and Tenure

We recruit “A players, who know how to meld into our client(s) culture and workforce. Our culture supports diversity, work-life balance, and continual improvement. As a result, our turn-over is lowest in our industry, so you can rest assured that your Optima team will be ready and in-place as long as you need them.


Scalable Solutions

Our bench is deep, whether at the specialist, managerial or executive level. As your needs change, you can easily scale-up or scale-down the level of staff and expertise required over time.