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Accounting, HR & CFO Services for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Governance, Stewardship, & Accountability

Optima Office is a leader in servicing nonprofit organizations and 501C3’s. We provide nonprofits with services such as board governance, financial and cash management, budget to actual reporting, human resources, operations support and fractional nonprofit CFO’s. Our goal is to support the nonprofit organization by providing strategic advice and either a full team of accounting and HR professionals or filling gaps as needed.

One area in which we can help nonprofit organizations is by overseeing the development and active management of Strategic Planning. We can host strategic planning sessions, leading your organization through the development of the vision and mission statements, goals and objectives, SWOT analysis, and the implementation of the plan itself.

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Nonprofit Financial Leadership & Accounting Support Services

Our outsourced accountants and fractional CFOs can serve as the perfect tool in relieving you of unnecessary finance woes. You have a lot to manage as it is, so let our highly trained staff guide you on the best ways to organize your day-to-day fundraising and financial management practices for you entirely.

Nonprofit Accounting services include:

  • Budgeting and Bookkeeping
  • Forecasting
  • Bank Financing Assistance
  • Financial Statements Preparation
  • Monthly/Quarterly Accruals
  • Payroll
  • Support for Fundraising
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Budgets and Financial Plans
  • Industry Specific Reports and Analysis
  • Cash Management
  • Monthly Financial Review with the Board/Advisors
  • Support for Audit Schedules/Grant Writing
  • Audit ready financials

Fractional Nonprofit CFO

A nonprofit CFO will go above and beyond a controller’s duties, and when it’s time, let Optima’s fractional services help you gain improved strategic and financial management for your organization.

Fractional Nonprofit CFO services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Projections, Forecasts, Budgeting & Bookkeeping
  • Implementing Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Identifying System Enhancements to Operations
  • Advise/Counsel to the Executive Director and Board

Our fractional CFOs specialize in Financial Planning and Analysis services where we help our clients create an annual budget, including the budget timeline and internal and external budget communications. We can help you formulate your annual budget and bookkeeping by using different approaches that can include: income-based budgets, incremental budgets, and zero-based budgets.

Optima has a dedicated team of professionals with not for profit experience who care about your mission and helping you to accomplish your goals. Our team of professionals have deep experience in financial reporting, creating key performance indicators (KPI’s), and building financial and operational dashboards for nonprofit organizations.

Our approach is to provide you with dedicated resources that fit your nonprofit. Let Optima support your accounting and HR needs today. Our fractional CFOs and HR professionals can help lead your nonprofit organization to achieve its mission.  Your Optima team will handle the daily transactional work to provide it on time and accurately.

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You Need HR Planning and Leadership to keep Your Nonprofit Successful

Between the IRS, Attorney General, foundations, and donors, volunteers and employees, everyone is demanding information about how you receive and use your financial and HR resources. Do not let your organization’s lack of resources hold you back from hiring the best employees or put your nonprofit at risk because you did not follow proper employment guidelines or laws.

Optima can provide you with Nonprofit HR Leadership and Services

Without a knowledgeable HR team, you are putting your business at risk for litigation and loss of key employees. Our nonprofit services can help you. Give us a call.

Without a knowledgeable HR team, you are putting your nonprofit at risk for litigation and the loss of key employees. We can help you.