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Recruiting Managers

Recruiting Manager oversees client’s recruitment process in its entirety. This includes designing and modifying recruiting procedures, recording recruiting metrics, directing and overseeing the recruiting team and monitoring the recruiting team’s performance. Their goal is always to make their client’s recruitment process as efficient and effective as possible. They devote their time to learning the business and the factors needed for its success. Understand current talent and identify where gaps exist. Develop a strategy to fill gaps and plan for the future of the clients.

Recruitment managers are responsible for building leads and relationships through public relations events and programs.

The strategic elements of a talent acquisition manager’s job often include:

  • Ensures business alignment and workforce plans are in place
  • Possesses a deep understanding of the labor markets
  • Articulates and defines client’s image and exploiting its key differentiators, reputation, and products and services as to attract quality candidates
  • Defines sourcing strategies as to know where the candidates will come from to fill specific roles
  • Builds positive candidate experiences and managing candidate communities
  • Tracks and uses key metrics to drive continuous improvements regarding recruitment decisions and the quality of hires
  • $65.00/hr – $85.00/hr