Emmanuel Poulain

Consulting CFO

Emmanuel is a hands-on, proactive, result-oriented financial officer with over 25 years of progressive experience with start-ups and non-profit organizations. He has demonstrated the ability to develop and implement strategic plans to ensure company growth, streamline financial operations, and increase team efficiency. He possesses solid planning and organizational skills to increase productivity and achieve goals, and he effectively communicates direction, commits people to action, and conveys complex information in easily understood formats.  In previous roles, Emmanuel led various departments such as Human Resources, IT, Admissions, Marketing, Development, and Facilities. He also has experience with training and union negotiations. His proven record of improving efficiencies and accuracy of numerous aspects within each organization he has work will transition seamlessly to the clients he serves.  Emmanuel has experience with a diverse group of industries including Telecommunications, Medical Devices & Services, Hospitality, Transportation, Real Estate and Education.