Proactive Communication and Responsiveness

  • Responds quickly to requests even if an immediate answer isn’t known
  • Helps to find answers to questions and is resourceful
  • Does what they say they will do when they say they will do it
  • Has extraordinary communication skills, up down and around

Quality and Excellence

  • Puts in the time and effort to do things correctly
  • Pays attention to detail and rarely makes mistakes
  • Places an emphasis on a quality work product and strives for excellence

Gets Stuff Done (GSD)

  • Does what is needed to complete tasks on time and on budget
  • Doesn’t make excuses and holds oneself accountable
  • Follows through in an organized fashion
  • Values efficiency

Team Player

  • Thinks about the people they work with and aims to help them succeed
  • Collaborates with fellow team members to get the best results
  • Has a strong work ethic with a great attitude

Kind and Caring

  • Thoughtful demeanor and positive attitude towards others
  • Is supportive, accommodating, and helpful
  • Takes pride in their work and wants to see others succeed